The rings have lost their power

There’s an ongoing feud between Hollywood and their viewers, but the real issues are deeper than the progressive punch-list for PC productions.

But for one dead ant…

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Stepping on an ant isn’t usually a big deal. Or is it? Da da da dum….

The Matrix Resurrections – better of dead?

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Spectator | Hollywood ruins another franchise with the most cynical, soul-sapping remake imaginable. There must be a better title… The Matrix: Regurgitations? The Matrix: Redundancy? The Matrix: Retches in a bucket? Don’t watch it.

Is Alan Joyce reprogramming your mind?

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Find this article at the Spectator’s Flat White blog here:

The Big Dig

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Woah! Digging could be really dangerous. Depending what you dig up. What might you dig up? All sorts of thingsā€¦ Download here