USA Politics

A tale of two bureaucracies

From the 2014 Ukrainian revolution, Hunter Biden’s appointment to an oil company board, to the 2016 election, hacking of the DNC’s file server, and new gas pipelines from Russia, the paltry pretext of the Trump impeachment sat at the nexus of a web of corruption that teaches one powerful lesson: the danger of bureaucracy.

Trump or The Squad: who’s doing harm?

In many situations, both sides of politics agree on the problems. Sensible doctors, however, don’t argue about symptoms, they argue about causes. Without agreement over the cause, there can be no agreement on the cure. The useful question is, “what is the source of harm?”

Is a red wave coming in?

How might the Bret Cavanaugh trials have affected voting sentiment for the 2018 mid-term elections? What did it say about the Democratic party’s mercurial contempt for presumption of innocence. Hint: in hindsight, no a red wave did not come in. But neither did a blue wave.