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Energy reality bites hard

Australia is experiencing two energy crises: International high prices due to supply issues, and local deterioration of infrastructure that isn’t being replaced because of… climate change. Its a false dichotomy, and we can’t afford for it to continue.

The story of oil

Fossil fuels are still essential for the world. And oil is still a core ingredient in international politics. And hence the recent history of Oil is still important to understand.


Big Tech: private companies with public power

If you are going to win an argument through darkening, rather than enlightening, the darkness must descend until its blanket has covered and throttled entirely every source of light.  

Coronavirus: time for plan D?

‘A’ was to flatten the curve, ‘B’ was to keep it out, ‘C’ was to shut us down… perhaps its time for Plan D.

You’re concerned about my right to know?

The collective media campaign against government controlling the flow of information was ironic. You’re concerned about my right to know? Look who’s talking!


We all have sources of insight into current events, but it is becoming difficult to access facts well.

A gem I came across was the Fourth Watch newsletter by Steve Krakauer. It’s from the USA and it provides commentary on the media itself, but it provides one of the best takes on media coverage. Other than that little gem, I have to leave you on your own to sort this one out.