If there was any part of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) agenda that I could support, it would be Inclusion. Unlike Diversity and Equity, which are logically flawed ideals that pit themselves directly against undeniable realities about life on planet earth, Inclusion is at least a charitable objective.

And yet, the drop of truth always sweetens and disguises the lie. In the case of inclusion, the truth is that being inclusive is, indeed, a virtue. The lie in the DEI context is that inclusiveness (or you may call it inclusivity if you want to sound pretentious) is treated as a value rather than a virtue, which distorts the underlying moral.

Read or listen to the whole article here, https://goodsauce.news/inclusion-is-immature/

This article is PART 2 of the DEI Agenda. Read PART 1 here: Diversity is a Trojan horse

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