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Can the religious discrimination bill protect us from ideological purges?

Will the religious discrimination bill be effective at curbing the emerging practice of ideological purging? I’ve got a few reasons for thinking… probably not.



Writing about thinking about things. Like postmodernism, and racism, and… things.


Writing about politics in Australia and abroad, including inaccurate predictions.


Writing about the bible, the Christian worldview, moral issues and similar.

Engineering and science

Writing about this physical world. Energy, climate change, bridges…

Current issues

Writing commentary on current News. Well, it was current at the time…


Writing that you probably shouldn’t take too seriously, though feel free to.

Doing living well

Ideas you should totally try because it’s very good advice.

1/1/22 – Keep twitter positive, only troll using limericks

I just saw a post that was scum,
from an idiot beating his drum.
When I said ‘you’re absurd’,
he replied, ‘you’re a turd’,
so I added critique of his mum.

International trolling lymericks day? Anyone?

10/12/21 – Use pretentious Latin phrases in your writing to look smart

Beginner: et. al.; ad lib; quid pro quo
Advanced: reductio ad absurdum; a priori; non sequitur
Get off my planet: tabula rasa; stricto sensu; acceptissima semper munera sunt, auctor quae pretiosa facit

Never provide a translation.

13/1/22 – If you disagree with something, call it propaganda

Oh sure, you recommend “exercising to get fit”. Look at this guy with his Propaganda. What is this, the new Pravda?

At this stage, the word propaganda just means “saying something that you want other people to believe”. But it implies that you don’t give a rats posterior whether it is or isn’t actually true. Handy.


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