About me

welcome, traveler

From debating at high-school, to recently writing for the Spectator’s online Flat White blog, I’ve always loved speaking and writing and, though I trained and work as a professional engineer, I’ve always had one foot dipping its toes into that pond.

First I enjoy the clarity. No-one ever understands their thoughts as clearly as when they are able to explain them to others. Turning a complex concept into a linear experience for the listener/reader requires an exploration of thought that is challenging and fun…

Beyond the clarity is artistry. Reading a good writer is like spreading soft butter on warm toast – the ideas layer up in the mind as though they were meant to be; this is something that struck me when I read the articles in the Spectator by Lionel Schriver and Rod Liddle. That aspiration increases the challenge and fun exponentially.

Yet I’m reminded of the caution of Solomon “a fool also multiplies his words” and ” of making many books there is no end”. We have to talk, but not for the sake of talking, but to share truth and, perhaps, to fight for it together. So I try to write about things that I haven’t read elsewhere, or that I think need to be heard. Forgive me if I fall prey to groupthink, banality or falsehood.

Hopefully you’ve come here to find more of my writing, having liked what you’ve read somewhere? My hope is that you will find here some truth, clarity, and art.

Enjoy exploring, and may God bless you,