How NOT to read the bible

What do you get when you mix the post-modernism of an SJW with the teachings of Christianity? If you want to find out, then Richard Holloway’s recent book review How to read the Bible (Spectator, 30th March) is a good place to start. 

Uh-oh, generation Z are voting

Ugh! Young people. What would they know about anything. Based on some data… either the latest generation are increasingly raging lefties, or right-wingers are decreasingly likely to fill out surveys. Both are plausible hypotheses.

Why the majority is ruining democracy

It’s easy to assume that if the majority of the public wants something, then our leaders ought to do it. That’s the point of democracy, right? Actually, no. Majority rule would be a disaster!

Christchurch: a time for tears

If we could just resist politicising it, there’s a correct immediate response to the Christchurch massacre. To mourn what it says about humanity, and to lay the blame where it exclusively lies.

The fall of the machines

Japanese car-makers and, more recently, Elon Musk, both found that automation is not as good as everyone assumes. “Humans are under-rated”. There’s an important lesson in that for policy-makers.

Book review: Postmodern times

“Usually, a book like this could easily sit on my pile for a year before being touched, but as it happens I decided to at least read the introduction when I arrived at home. It turned out that this would be the second non-fiction book I have read in my life that I would have difficulty putting down…”

Gender anarchy for Christmas?

Can we really afford to discard objective truth as a standard? What would happen to our legal system? Is this as insane as it sounds? Yes. Yes, it is.