Story Space-junk

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Historically, you don’t find many half-painted portraits and half-carved statues; half-told stories are just as embarrassing!

The rings have lost their power

There’s an ongoing feud between Hollywood and their viewers, but the real issues are deeper than the progressive punch-list for PC productions.

But for one dead ant…

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Stepping on an ant isn’t usually a big deal. Or is it? Da da da dum….

The Matrix Resurrections – better of dead?

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Spectator | Hollywood ruins another franchise with the most cynical, soul-sapping remake imaginable. There must be a better title… The Matrix: Regurgitations? The Matrix: Redundancy? The Matrix: Retches in a bucket? Don’t watch it.

Is Alan Joyce reprogramming your mind?

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Find this article at the Spectator’s Flat White blog here:

The Big Dig

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Woah! Digging could be really dangerous. Depending what you dig up. What might you dig up? All sorts of things… Download here