Welcome to the post-post-racial world

What insights can we gain through thinking about the race hoax perpetrated by Jussie Smollett? Our society is being poisoned by a view of racism that is self-perpetuating and provides no solutions. Welcome to the post-post-racial world.

Here’s to the risk takers

“There is a minimum level of risk that must be taken across society. Reducing risk will always, eventually create risk.” Here’s to the risk-takers.

No, inequality is not discrimination

Many people today assume without question that all inequality is the result of discrimination. But what if it isn’t? If it isn’t, the treatment won’t work.

Why the majority is ruining democracy

It’s easy to assume that if the majority of the public wants something, then our leaders ought to do it. That’s the point of democracy, right? Actually, no. Majority rule would be a disaster!

Book review: Postmodern times

“Usually, a book like this could easily sit on my pile for a year before being touched, but as it happens I decided to at least read the introduction when I arrived at home. It turned out that this would be the second non-fiction book I have read in my life that I would have difficulty putting down…”

Gender anarchy for Christmas?

Can we really afford to discard objective truth as a standard? What would happen to our legal system? Is this as insane as it sounds? Yes. Yes, it is.

The death of sanctity

What is the value of a human being? This question has had many answers over time, and our secular society is not well equipped to answer it. We can start by asking what the word “value” means.

The other right: what’s wrong with the political compass?

  • Politics

Several attempts have been made to plot the political landscape. The classic left-right spectrum, the popular “political compass”, the libertarian’s favourite Nolan Chart, and Brian Patrick Mitchell’s less well-known arche/kratos plot. But they all lacked something. Math.