The probability of God

A journal paper on the use of probability in the debate on Atheism, providing a defense against Richard Dawkins’ book, The God Delusion.

An uncertain rich man

The only way to be cheerful about losing your wealth is if firstly, you can trust God for tomorrow’s Manna. To have faith in a God who provides, contentment with what he provides, and love for whoever we have opportunity to share his provisions with.

How NOT to read the bible

What do you get when you mix the post-modernism of an SJW with the teachings of Christianity? If you want to find out, then Richard Holloway’s recent book review How to read the Bible (Spectator, 30th March) is a good place to start. 

Christchurch: a time for tears

If we could just resist politicising it, there’s a correct immediate response to the Christchurch massacre. To mourn what it says about humanity, and to lay the blame where it exclusively lies.

The death of sanctity

What is the value of a human being? This question has had many answers over time, and our secular society is not well equipped to answer it. We can start by asking what the word “value” means.

The hedonists guilt

Having been failed by science in more than just the lack of hover-boards, post-modernism rejects materialism, and re-embraces the spiritual. It rejects empiricism and embraces the irrational. But I protest that they are not as different as they look.